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Chapco, Inc. has been a valuable and reliable partner in providing assembly, product development and engineering services since 1964. Our capabilities are utilized globally by clients involved in a wide array of industries including industrial and commercial OEM components, electrical and electronics, transportation, aerospace, food processing, health care, pharmaceutical and consumer products. Chapco understands your bottom line. We employ a high standard of talent, offer state of the art machinery and work extensively with every client to make sure products are produced Accurately, Efficiently and On-time. We call this our “AEO” Standard and strive for a grade of 100% on every deliverable. We specialize in working with our customers from the concept stage all the way through production, inspection and the delivery of finished parts and assemblies. Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities extend from sheet metal to machining, electro-mechanical and controls integration, finishing, assembly, inventory management, logistics and distribution. Please feel free to contact or visit us to explore how we can help you with your manufacturing or development needs. We look forward to working with you and creating for you the ultimate customer experience.

Sincerely, Brian Weinstein, President