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  • Sheet Metal Technician

    Sheet Metal Technician

    The position of Sheet Metal Technician Level 1 supports production by bending, fastening, assembling and performing secondary operations on metal products. Equipment includes but is not limited to spot welding, power press, PEM equipment, AccuPress, Strippit Press.

  • Marking 60 Years of Chapco’s Contribution to Connecticut’s Critical Manufacturing Base

    Marking 60 Years of Chapco’s Contribution to Connecticut’s Critical Manufacturing Base

    CHESTER, CT, October 11, 2023 – Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Connecticut’s 33rd district State Senator Norman Needleman (D-CT 33), and Connecticut’s Chief Manufacturing Officer, Paul S. Lavoie, gathered to celebrate a significant milestone as Chapco, a prominent CT manufacturer, commemorated 60 years of precision manufacturing in Middlesex County.

  • Assembly Technician

    Assembly Technician

    Chapco, Inc. and our collaborative product companies are co-located across two sites in the Town of Chester, CT. We are growing, and we’d love you to join us.

  • Chapco Ideaz & Obelisk®

    Chapco Ideaz & Obelisk®

    Chapco Ideaz & Obelisk – a fabrication dream team: Cryptocurrency has been hailed as one of the next great technological revolutions, off­ering a critical pathway to transactional decentralization and security in a global cyber-economy that continues to evolve faster than many ever thought possible [Ideaz]

  • Chapco and Hydro-Hitch®

    Chapco and Hydro-Hitch®

    Saratoga Safeguard Solutions, LLC, home of the Hydro-Hitch®, was established in 2005 with over 33 years of experience in fire fighting and waterworks industries. With an extensive and ever-growing number of specialized products for water control and fire fighting operations Saratoga Safeguard Solutions, LLC has built a reputation for innovation, quality, and excellent customer service.