Chapco 60 Years Manufacturing Partnerships not just Parts

Chapco, Inc., is celebrating 60 years of manufacturing partnerships, not just parts. Come celebrate with tours, product demonstrations, Oktoberfest refreshments, and live music.

PRESS RELEASE: Chapco, Inc. Celebrates 60 Years of Building Partnerships Not Just Parts, in Chester, CT

CHESTER, CT, October 4, 2023: Chapco, Inc., a cornerstone of Chester’s manufacturing scene, is marking its 60th anniversary.

 Chapco, founded in the mid-’60s by Charlie Hurd and Al Pross, has evolved under the guidance of Robert (Bob) Weinstein and his son, Brian Weinstein, who serves as the current President. From its humble beginnings in a small machine shop on Denlar Drive, Chester, the company has grown to occupy 70,000 sq ft of advanced manufacturing space at Denlar Drive and Inspiration Lane.

 Chapco is proud to be a vital part of Connecticut’s thriving manufacturing ecosystem. “Our enduring philosophy is ‘building partnerships, not just parts,'” says Weinstein. The manifestation of this philosophy lies throughout the entire company. With a team of seasoned engineers, production technicians, and assembly personnel, Chapco provides end-to-end services, transforming ideas from sketches into reality, encompassing testing, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and fulfillment.

“We’ve always believed in investing in the best technologies and running 24/7, with multiple lights-out work centers,” remarks Weinstein. “Our recent $1.6m investment in a Trumpf Trumatic 6000 fiber laser punch combo is a testament to our commitment to meeting tight deadlines and helping to ensure the resilience of U.S. supply chains, even during this difficult labor market.”


Chapco, Inc. specializes in high-performance metal fabrication and contract manufacturing, employing over 80 dedicated professionals. We deliver quality metal fabrication solutions to a diverse clientele across the Northeast Region. Our innovative processes, unwavering customer service, and comprehensive capabilities have attracted partners ranging from defense contractors to international ice cream brands; healthcare institutions to some of the nation’s top sports teams.

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Sarah Crisp

Director of Marketing



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